Wang Yuanxun

Wang Yuanxun

Yuanxun Wang is a co-founder of the Global Bridge Corporation. He is the General Manager for The Asia Pacific Group (Canada) Ltd. in China and the Special Project Manager with the Beijing Capital Group (

Mr. Yuanxun has served in integral managerial positions with many companies, such as CCG Trade & Development Corp., KaiLi Machinery Imp/Exp Corp., Shandong Textiles Imp/Exp Corp. and the China Light Industrial Products Group. He was also the Dean of International Affairs & English Language Dept. at Taian Teacher’s University from 1984 to 1988.

Mr. Yuanxun’s appointments include membership to the Chinese Students & Scholars assoc., University of Regina, the China-Canada Business Association (BC chapter), and as a delegate for the 4th Chinese World Entrepreneurs Association. Mr. Yuanxun has attended the University of Regina, Columbia University, the University of International Business & Economics (UIBE) Beijing and the Shanghai Foreign Trade Institute (

  • 王元勋


位, 如CCG贸易与发展公司, KaiLi机械进出口公司, 山东纺织品进出口公司和中国轻
命包括:中国学生&学者协会会员, 里贾纳大学, 中加商业协会(BC分会), 并作为第四
届中国世界企业家协会代表。王先生曾就读于里贾纳大学, 哥伦比亚大学, 北京对外经