Dr. Pei-Chih Hsieh

Dr. Pei-Chih Hsieh, Co-founder (Deceased 1997)

A world-famous Chinese North American scholar, historian and social activist, Dr. Pei-Chih Hsieh founded the Global Bridge Corporation. Being a leader in the overseas Chinese circle, his heart always remained with his home country. He promoted the China-Canada friendship, and his impressive merits were extensively reported by international media and publications.Dr. P.C Hsieh initiated the signature campaign of restoration of the seat of P.R.China in the United Nations. He led the North American Chinese and Friends to petition the Canadian government to establish diplomatic relationship with the People’s Republic of China. Dr. Hsieh crossed the Pacific Ocean fifty times since as early as 1972, and advanced the China-Canada exchange in the areas of culture, science & technology, agriculture and trade. He is one of the Founders of the Canada-China Friendship Association and helped more than 300 Chinese students & scholars in Canada. Dr. P.C Hsieh graduated from the Dept. of History, Taiwan University, completed his MA and PhD in History at the University of Pennsylvania, and was a visiting scholar at McGill University. A Professor in History, he taught at the University of Regina since 1965 until retirement.

• 谢培智博士